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Happy Birthday

By Jeff Lobdell on June 05, 2011
Happy Birthday

Today is a very special day as it marks our two year anniversary. Many startup companies don’t make it past one year let alone two and we are grateful to still be here. But it wasn’t because of luck; we’ve been working hard to reach our goals, keeping a steady eye on the future. I think one thing that separates us as a company is our ability to make optimizing decisions while still maintaining our standards and character.

To recap the last two years, our focus has consisted of several client projects. Our clients have been great to work with and we could not have asked for more. Then there was the launching of our first product called Greekleaf, a niche web application geared to fraternities and sororities. Lastly, our next application, RPMdb, will be launching private beta soon.

These are very exciting times for us, watching our creations come to life is always a very surprising and rewarding experience. We thank you for your continued interest and support. Love, the Forward Interfaces team.

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