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Tighten Your Security With Better Passwords

Tighten Your Security With Better Passwords

In an age where it is getting more and more convenient to store just about your whole life "in the cloud," it's also getting more important to protect yourself on the Web. How many web sites do you use that require a password? How many different passwords do you use across those sites? In an ideal world, you should have a different password for every account that requires one, but who has the time to remember all of those? Fortunately, even in our non-ideal world, we have tools to help us with situations like this. With password testers, password managers, and a few clever tricks, you can protect your identity from virtual thieves.  More »

Getting Started With Web Development

In telling people what I do, I'm often asked, "Where did you learn how to do all this Web stuff?" The truth is that I wasn't formally trained, but what started as an interest turned into a hobby and later, into a job. It's a good path if you're looking to start tinkering with little projects. But where do you begin?  More »

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